Slow Fashion

We believe that sustainability starts with mindset. We are on this path, where every change and every step in a greener direction has an impact. We are a Slow Fashion brand, we prioritize quality and timelessness for thoughtful consumption.


Quality under Quantity

We use high quality materials so that our pieces guarantee high durability, thus having a long life cycle. We defend conscious consumption, suggesting our quality pieces instead of an exaggerated amount of items.


Local Production

We make a point of maintaining 100% production in Portugal. Supporting the Portuguese economy and having direct and personal contact with the factories are key factors for our production.

"Think global, act local"


Our packaging does not contain any plastic. Each piece is delivered in a cloth bag to be reused by customers. When ordering online, we opt for kraft cardboard boxes, so they don't go through any chemical ink process. They are small to optimize transport space and reduce the number of trips.