Terms and Conditions

1. Identity

The company Naji Swimwear is headquartered in the city of Porto. Questions regarding our terms and conditions should be directed to naji.swimwear@gmail.com

2. Features

The parts we produce and sell online, namely swimwear And beachwear, contains colors and patterns variations may vary, as they depend on the monitor used by each user and on the cut of the pattern per piece. 
Each item presented has a detailed description of the technical characteristics.        

3. Price

No site www.naji-swimwear.com, to make the purchase, the price must be paid in full at the time of ordering. 
All prices include applicable taxes and mandatory fees. 
The price varies according to the type of item and the promotion seasons, and may fluctuate.            

4. Payment and delivery methods

Purchases made on the website www.naji-swimwear.com There are several ways to pay, including...
Orders are sent by CTT or by Batch carrier. The maximum time it may take to reach the customer's home is 5 working days.  
In case of unavailability of the product, the customer will be notified and refunded within a maximum period of 30 days after ordering.    

5. Complaints Handling System

Any question related to the purchase or complaint should be addressed to naji.swimwear@gmail.com
The complaints book is available here.                                           

6. Alternative Dispute Resolution

The client has alternative means of conflict resolution. You can consult Portuguese arbitration centers on here or a European dispute resolution platform on here.                                                              

 7. Warranty

All products have a 2-year warranty. The warranty is for manufacturing defects and not for misuse, and the product is subject to evaluation to trigger the warranty. 
Any warranty-related question should be addressed to the following email address: naji.swimwear@gmail.com

8. After-sales assistance conditions

If you need after-sales support, please contact us at the following email address: naji.swimwear@gmail.com or by phone +351 935771219. 
On here you can find all the steps and requirements for exchanges and returns if that is the case. 

9. Indication of the existence and term of the right of repentance

You can exercise your right of withdrawal if you are not entirely satisfied with the article. It has a period of 14 days as soon as you receive the order at your home to proceed with the exchange/return.

The article(s) must not show any signs of use and must return properly labeled (with the hygienic protection sticker), inside the original Naji bag. After receiving the returned item(s), NAJI SWIMWEAR reserves the right to deny the exchange if it does not meet the above requirements. 

To exchange or return you must send an email to naji.swimwear@gmail.com and will be contacted with shipping instructions.

The exchange/return will be processed within 10 working days once the item is back. All associated costs (shipping costs) will be the responsibility of the customer, which must be returned by registered mail CTT.

10. Geographic conditioning

Naji Swimwear sells to all countries in the world, with customs duties and taxes charged for countries outside the EU. 
All products sold on the site www.naji-swimwear.com are shipped from mainland Portugal.                

11. Other information about the site/sales channel

  • The above rules apply to all Naji Swimwear consumers. 
  • The Naji Swimwear brand and its logo are registered and copyrighted
  • Naji Swimwear reserves the right to constantly update the Terms & Conditions.
  • In the event of any dispute, Naji Swimwear calls for a prior out-of-court settlement. If this is not possible, the Court to be notified for the resolution of the dispute must be in the district of Porto.